Six Months To Doctor: How To Complete A Dissertation In Six Months is the tool that will help graduate students get through the dissertation or thesis process faster, and reduce the number of ABDs in the country.


In Six Months To Dr.:

  • Discover some basic yet important tools that are available to students and are not being used.
  • Get tools that will help you reduce the length of time spent in each stage of completing your dissertation.

  • Learn ways to maximize resources and efforts.

Dr. Cinéas shares with students steps that she took from the beginning of her Ph.D. program that allowed her to pick up her dissertation in November and have it completed, defended and approved by the end of April.


ISBN: 978-0-9826649-0-2


This book is an excellent tool for students who are entering graduate program, especially students entering a doctorate program who will have to complete a dissertation.  Students who are still enrolled in classes will reap the maximum benefits from this book.  Students who have completed their course and are working on their dissertation will benefit greatly from this book.  This easy read is a great resource for yourself or someone you know.


Attitude Adjustment: Keys to Living Life on Your Terms is the tool that helps you take charge of your life. This book provides you the keys to be the master of your destiny.

In Attitude Adjustment:

  • Discover your attitude impacts the situations you face and learn the tools to change them.

  • Learn the tools to motivate and empower yourself to take charge and live on your terms.

  • Design the blueprint for your personal growth and get the resources to realize your vision.


ISBN: 978-0-9826649-1-9



Life happens whether we like it or not. Certainly no one is asking or waiting for us to be ready. Attitude Adjustment helps readers do just that- Adjust their attitude and place themselves in a more empowering place to address life events. Through Attitude Adjustments, readers learn how to reshape their perspectives and behaviors to make any situation more beneficial.